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leak detection

Our specialized technicians can restore your home or commercial property quickly after a fire has occurred and ensure toxic fumes are eliminated.

Who benefits from our services?

Home Owners

Real Estate


Office Managers

Property Managers


Car Dealerships

Private Gyms

& Clubs

Student Housing


Child Care Facilities

Facilities Management

Fleet Management


Services Include:

  • Free comprehensive onsite leak assessment

  • Water removal, localized demolition, and removal of damaged construction materials

  • Complete or partial remodeling services through licensed contractors

  • On-site content restoration

Other Services Include:

  • Complete inspection of potential mold in all affected areas

  • Air sampling through a fully-certified, independent lab facility to identify and evaluate the type of mold or mildew growing in the affected area

  • HEPA filtration Air Scrubbing during Demolition

Water leaks are not always obvious, at times they can go unnoticed for long periods of time, causing potentially destructive and expensive consequences. Leaks can happen in any number of places such as your roof, bathroom or kitchen plumbing, A/C, water heater, shower, drain pipes and more. Our specialized technicians use non-invasive, thermal imaging technology for effective leak detection to locate the problem, contain it, and repair it.


Do you have a water leak in your home or office? Maybe you have an unusually high water bill or increased moisture and you need an expert opinion to locate the source. Our leak detection specialist are here to help and are available to respond 24/7 to an immediate emergency. Biosweep technicians have extensive water damage restoration training for quick and effective response in case of a catastrophic event.

At BIOSWEEP®, we can provide leak detection, water extraction, drying and dehumidifying services for your home or office. After assessing the damage, our professional technicians can contain the area and dry it immediately to avoid harmful mold growth.

Simply put, BIOSWEEP gets the job done SAFELY, EFFECTIVELY and in the FASTEST time possible!

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