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fire damage

Our specialized technicians can restore your home or commercial property quickly after a fire has occurred and ensure toxic fumes are eliminated.

Who benefits from our services?

Home Owners

Real Estate


Office Managers

Property Managers


Car Dealerships

Private Gyms

& Clubs

Student Housing


Child Care Facilities

Facilities Management

Fleet Management


Services Include:

  • Free comprehensive onsite damage assessment.

  • Fire damage cleaning using dry ice blasting.

  • Removal of damaged property and localized demolition as necessary.

  • Permanent odor removal.

  • Content restoration.

  • Complete or partial remodeling services through licensed contractors.

  • We can work with your insurance company and we are committed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

A fire can destroy almost anything it touches from walls and flooring to furniture and clothing.


A fire cannot only render homes and commercial properties unstable but can also leave ashes and toxic fumes that can be dangerous if inhaled. Areas that are spared from the actual fire may have serious smoke or soot damage. Rapid response is important because fire damage will only get worse over time.

At BIOSWEEP®, we can provide fire damage cleaning, restoration, and odor removal services for your home or office.

Simply put, BIOSWEEP gets the job done SAFELY, EFFECTIVELY and in the FASTEST time possible!

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