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commercial cleaning

First impressions are very important. A clean, professional environment can make a big difference between clients returning to your business or never coming back.

Who benefits from our services?

Home Owners

Real Estate


Office Managers

Property Managers


Car Dealerships

Private Gyms

& Clubs

Student Housing


Child Care Facilities

Facilities Management

Fleet Management


Our Cleaning Process Involves:

  • Initial Assessment: we provide a free on-site assessment of the areas in your workplace requiring treatment, and create a customized plan that is right for your needs.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Treatment: using our BioSweep 900 machines, we treat all areas for full decontamination. Our machines emit H2O2 in gas form, eradicating any pathogens and odors from all treated areas, while also penetrating into your ductwork. It’s like pressing the ‘reset’ button at your facility!

  • Surface Defense™ Monofoil application: our antimicrobial solution is applied to all high-contact surface areas and acts as a shield to prevent the growth and spread of viruses and bacteria for a 12 month period.

  • Routine cleaning and testing: routine cleaning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is performed as required. We will provide routine surface testing results and re-application (spot treatment) of antimicrobial solution as necessary.

We offer a unique process that goes beyond traditional cleaning services. Our BioSweep Cleaning Program combines our experience in remediation and disinfection with our exceptional janitorial cleaning services. Our main goal is to promote a clean, healthy environment for you, your employees and your customers.

As an added benefit to our program, you will receive stickers and brochures you can proudly display throughout your facility: desks, countertops, bathrooms, kitchen areas, etc. At BioSweep Oklahoma, we believe cleanliness is key in creating an atmosphere where your employees can be happy, healthy and productive while keeping your customers satisfied to return again and again.

Our services can be 100% customized to your needs. Be proactive. Stay protected.

Simply put, BIOSWEEP gets the job done SAFELY, EFFECTIVELY and in the FASTEST time possible!

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