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I have smoke and/or other odors. What should I do first?

Specializing in odor removal, it is best to address the odor issue first before doing anything else. We often receive calls from investors and real estate agents stating they replaced the carpet, sealed & painted walls and the house still smells of Nicotine. BioSweep could save you money by not having to replace the carpet due to odors. Sealing and painting only mask odors for a short time before warm temperatures cause the walls to "off-gas," releasing the nicotine oder again.

Our system is the only way to permanently remove odors!

Why Choose Us?

BioSweep Oklahoma specializes in water removal, mold remediation, fire/smoke clean up, extreme odor removal, disinfection and cleaning services. Our team is available 24/7 and will respond quickly to any flood or fire emergency. When disaster strikes, BioSweep can help clean up and restore any damaged or affected areas back to their original condition. We can get the work done quickly and effectively. Our team of professionals is fully certified by NORMI™ to provide you with the best disaster restoration services available. We are the only company in the area that utilizes advanced hydrogen peroxide gas to completely eradicate even microscopic mold spores and odor-causing bacteria from a variety of surfaces and from the air. Our mold remediation method is an environmentally safe process, without the use of harsh chemicals, pesticides, poisons or fumes that could potentially leave dangerous residues after decontamination.

biosweep technology

Our Services

Mold Removal

No harsh chemicals!

Odor Removal

Smoke, fire, pets...

we do it all!

Leak Detection

FREE assessment!

Commercial Cleaning

Above and beyond traditional cleaning

Fire Damage

Restoration experts!


Any surfaces with human contact

Disaster Restoration

Storms, water,  fire...

we're there for you!


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